Gracie James Creations Always Carry Gratitude

Hello my name is Kandace Garrigus, and I am the owner and creator of Gracie James Creations. I am the mother to a 8 year old daughter and 12 year old son. My passion is bringing gratitude into your everyday life through my Carry Gratitude Everywhere Collection. This collection has 2 pockets sewn into each dress or romper. In the 1st pocket there is a unique charm sewn in. The charm is a tactile reminder to think about gratitude, make wishes and think happy thoughts all day long. Tucked inside the second pocket will be a small notebook jot down grateful thoughts throughout the day. The goal is to write 10 a day. Encourage them by having them share their thoughts each night. Make it a family habit and everyone can write and share. By thinking about gratitude throughout the day and writing 10 things down your child can shift their perspectives to see positives in everything even tough challenges. The longer they do this practice the more of a habit it will become and the more positive changes you will see. Help bring gratitude into the lives of children and watch them face life with more positivity.

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